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Largest Public Sector University System
(41 billion Revenue) 

Scott and the Ubunto team did an outstanding job coming in during the heart of the project and assisting our team in going live with our Campuses.  The entire project was at project overrun, The team really helped coral the scope and was able to make the project go-live during the timeframe required to get us from a 30+ year legacy mainframe COBOL system into latest Digital platform of an ERP system 

“Testimonial from IT Management in charge” 

Large Private Sector Higher Education System 
(1 billion Revenue) 

Dave, Scott and their team of technology consultants created digital transformation layers of code and integration of disparate systems to allow our University the power to transform old outdated systems into a modern fully integrated look and feel user friendly and efficient system. 

“Testimonial from IT Director” 

Large Healthcare System
(2 billion Revenue) 

The Ubun group of professionals performed the full life cycle Payroll implementation to take us from being out-sourced into fully integrated Digital Cloud based system.  Scott, Dave and their team implemented full system and spent one-on-one time with key management and personal to provide training to allow us to run our own Payroll.  This was a huge cost saver and ROI for our department. 

“Testimonial from Payroll Team and Finance Management” 

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